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Ask Dr. Universe: Why do we have earwax?
April 5, 2016

Dr-Universe-230SPOKANE, Wash. – The other day I was scratching my ears when I noticed some yellowish-brown gunk on my claw. It was pretty gross, but it also made me very curious.

Ask Dr. Universe: Can you hear in space?
January 19, 2016

Dr-Universe-230VANCOUVER, Wash. – Your question reminds me of an experiment: You put a ringing alarm clock in a jar and use a hose to slowly suck out all the air. As the air escapes, the ringing gets quieter until there’s no sound at all.

Ask Dr. Universe: Can baby frogs hear mothers under water?
September 1, 2015

Dr-Universe-230PULLMAN, Wash. – Baby frogs go through some pretty big changes to become grown-up frogs. They start out as tiny tadpoles with just a head and a tail to help them swim. Tadpoles can’t hear yet, though they can sense vibrations in water.

Chermak to receive national career achievement award
November 20, 2014

By Doug Nadvornick, College of Medical Sciences

Chermak-80SPOKANE, Wash. – Gail Chermak has compiled a long list of awards during her 37 years at Washington State University. But she admits the honor she will receive Friday in Orlando, Fla., may be the most prestigious.

$1.6 M to study ‘feel-good’ brain chemical and hearing
February 21, 2014

By Brenda Alling, WSU Vancouver

Portfors-80VANCOUVER, Wash. – Research scientist Christine Portfors will study how the brain chemical dopamine influences hearing with support from the National Institutes of Health. The work may ultimately lead to better therapies for people with hearing loss and communication problems.

WSU students gain from autism learning center partnership
December 16, 2013

By Judith Van Dongen, WSU Spokane

Domino-project-120SPOKANE, Wash. – In a bustling classroom, college student Kellie Carns shows Daniel Fast, age 4, a small yellow car and encourages him to point to a matching picture and name the object: “Kuh…” she prompts. “Car,” he responds – to her satisfaction.

Vancouver professor receives $1.1 million in grants to study how the brain understands what it hears
October 17, 2013


By Brenda Alling, WSU Vancouver

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Christine Portfors, associate professor of biology and neuroscience and head of the Hearing and Communication Laboratory at Washington State University Vancouver, has received two federal grants totaling more than $1.1 million over three years. The grants will be used to study how neurons in the brains of mice detect, discriminate and categorize the different types of sounds mice use to communicate.

Autism expert joins speech, hearing sciences
July 22, 2010

SPOKANE – Teresa Cardon, a speech-language pathologist with almost 20 years experience working with children with autism, has been hired by WSU’s department of speech and hearing sciences as an assistant professor.


Cardon will be based at WSU Spokane, and her appointment is effective Aug. 16.  

Before coming to Spokane, Cardon was at Arizona State University, where she served as a faculty research associate in the Infant Child Research Programs while earning a PhD in speech and hearing science with an emphasis on autism. Prior to that, she was a clinical practitioner, serving – among others – as director of speech-language pathology at … » More …

State Supreme Court to hear arguments
September 17, 2008

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Charles Johnson swears in Rep. John Lovick (D-Mill Creek) as Speaker Pro Tem.


PULLMAN —The Washington Supreme Court’s nine justices will lunch with students, speak to classes regarding the constitution and legal careers, and hear arguments on real cases in a community visit to WSU Sept. 24 – 25.
Beginning at 9 a.m. Sept. 25 in the CUB Ballroom, Chief Justice Gerry Alexander and Justices Charles W. Johnson, Barbara A. Madsen, Richard B. Sanders, Tom Chambers, Susan Owens, Mary Fairhurst, James M. Johnson and Debra Stephens will … » More …