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President provides insights, update on budget
April 2, 2009

President Elson S. Floyd sent facutly and staff an open letter on April 2 updating them on the budget situation in Olympia and the steps WSU is taking to prepare for the final budget allocations.


Find the letter online here.

Senate proposes 20 percent budget cut
March 31, 2009

OLYMPIA — WSU will lose 20 percent of its current state funding base under a proposed 2009-2011 budget announced March 30 by Senate leadership and under consideration by the Senate Ways and Means Committee.


“We at WSU recognize that the Legislature is dealing with the impact of an economic crisis that is unparalleled since the Great Depression,” WSU President Elson Floyd said today. “At the same time, we strongly believe that higher education must be a central part of the solution to this crisis. Budget cuts of the magnitude of those in the Senate’s budget would have a dramatic impact on WSU. Layoffs … » More …

State Supreme Court to hear arguments
September 17, 2008

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Charles Johnson swears in Rep. John Lovick (D-Mill Creek) as Speaker Pro Tem.


PULLMAN —The Washington Supreme Court’s nine justices will lunch with students, speak to classes regarding the constitution and legal careers, and hear arguments on real cases in a community visit to WSU Sept. 24 – 25.
Beginning at 9 a.m. Sept. 25 in the CUB Ballroom, Chief Justice Gerry Alexander and Justices Charles W. Johnson, Barbara A. Madsen, Richard B. Sanders, Tom Chambers, Susan Owens, Mary Fairhurst, James M. Johnson and Debra Stephens will … » More …

Olympia and WSU
March 21, 2003

Fiscally speaking, these are the darkest days in more than two decades, as the Legislature faces a $2.5 billion budget deficit that may expand. Yet, there are those who talk of renovation and restoration of state government and building for the next generation. Washington State University and the University of Washington have tried to point to the future, urging legislators to protect core operating budget programs and make prudent investments to secure a bright future for us all. Mike Skinner, director of the WSU Center for Reproductive Biology, shared the fruits from university faculty with economic development and appropriations committees earlier in the session. He … » More …