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Campus and Community

Closeup of Todd Butler
Butler named dean of College of Arts and Sciences
March 5, 2021

Todd Butler has served as a faculty member in WSU’s Department of English since 2003 and has more than a decade of administrative leadership experience at WSU, including two terms as department chair and as associate dean for faculty in CAS.

The Cougar Pride statue at the WSU Pullman campus.
WSU Board of Regents meeting March 11-12
March 5, 2021

Among the topics members are expected to take action on are discontinuing required use of the SAT and ACT in the university’s admissions process and one-time revisions to select mandatory fees for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Making teaching matter
March 4, 2021

Dr. Steve Hines, a longtime WSU professor and veterinarian, is leading a national effort to explore new ways of assessing teaching performance and awarding promotions at the collegiate level.

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Encourage students to complete NSSE survey
March 5, 2021

WSU first-year students and seniors will receive an email Tues., March 9 from Pres. Kirk Schulz to ask them to take the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) to help shape future programming at the university.

Follow the River: Portraits of the Columbia Plateau
March 5, 2021

Exhibition Dates: March 9 – August 14

A coda to the proceeding Follow the Sun: The Holland and Orton Collections exhibition, Follow the River: Portraits of the Columbia Plateau will reframe the museum’s Worth D. Griffin Collection of Native portraiture alongside cultural materials from Plateau tribes including the Palus (Palouse) and Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) whose homelands the Washington State University Pullman campus is located upon.

WSU Surplus Stores Sale TODAY
March 5, 2021

We are only open to the public during the public sale hours (every Friday from 9 a.m.–2:30 p.m.).

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Science & Technology

Eyes in the sky monitor streamside ecosystems
February 15, 2021

WSU researchers are using satellites and drones to help local conservation districts monitor areas near rivers and streams to help improve agricultural sustainability.

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Food & Agriculture

Closeup of Jake Blauer in front of several bags of potatoes.
Jake Blauer joins WSU’s potato research group
February 26, 2021

Blauer, a new post-harvest potato physiologist at WSU, plans to partner with agronomy experts to ensure the potato industry’s environmental footprint is small while still producing a profitable and tasty product.

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Health & Medicine

A veterinarian examining a kangaroo.
Kangaroos need care, too
March 2, 2021

Veterinarians last week at WSU were paid a visit by an animal 8,000 miles from its natural habitat—a 30‑pound, 8‑month‑old Kangaroo named Rolex.

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Arts & Culture

Fine arts professor wins two national awards
March 4, 2021

Hallie Meredith, a teaching assistant professor of fine arts at Washington State University, is being honored with two major awards for her research into ancient Roman art processes.

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Politics & Society

Closeup of a phone
Blind trust in social media cements conspiracy beliefs
March 5, 2021

WSU researchers found that people with a strong trust in information found on social media were more likely to believe conspiracies, which falsely explain significant events as part of a secret evil plot, even if they could identify other types of misinformation.

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Reports & Updates

WSU sign at entrance to Pullman campus covered in snow.
OneWSU system FAQs
February 25, 2021

A new website is being established to serve as a repository for initiative resources such as background information, guiding principles, frequently asked questions, and the anticipated timeline.

Closeup of Schulz outdoors on the WSU Pullman campus.
Signs of hope surround us
January 19, 2021

In such a gloomy environment, it’s easy to lose sight of reasons for hope. Yet, as we begin a new semester, hopeful signs surround us.

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