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News and information for faculty, staff, and the WSU Community

University Affairs
stadium way
WSU Pullman planning for future of travel
July 22, 2021

The University is working with outside consultants to form a plan for how pedestrians and motorists can exist harmoniously in the future when financial resources are once again available.

Coug Life
Closeup of Susan Noh in the lab.
Committed to a deadly parasite
July 22, 2021

WSU’s Susan Noh strives to help farmers and ranchers optimize animal health through her research into tick-borne diseases, in particular bovine anaplasmosis, an infectious blood disease in cattle.

Campus and Community

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Call for events for Week of Welcome
July 23, 2021

Hello New Student Programs Campus Partners,

We wanted to reach out because we know that there is expressed interest in hosting events during Week of Welcome (WOW), August 14 to 22.

Retirement Reception for Greg Fehrs
July 23, 2021

Greg Fehrs, Assistant Director of the Business and Finance Office with the College of Veterinary Medicine is retiring with 22 years and 8 months of service with Washington State University.

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Science & Technology

Researchers collect soil samples in a forest
Bacterial film used to strengthen soils
June 30, 2021

WSU researchers have used granules made from potato waste bacteria to strengthen soil, offering a new alternative to cement additives that are currently used to shore up soils for building and erosion control.

A small bird, black with a red T down its back, perched on someone's hand.
Wildfire changes songbird plumage and testosterone
June 30, 2021

Following habitat-destroying wildfires, researchers found that many male red-backed fairywrens failed to molt into their ornamental plumage, making them less attractive to potential mates.

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Food & Agriculture

Apples on a tree with damage from hot sun and drought
Helping save apples from sunburn
July 7, 2021

A WSU team is developing a system that senses fruit surface temperature and fine-tunes delivery of cool water for evaporative cooling, saving the apples while conserving water and energy.

Bread Lab Director Stephen Jones poses for a picture next to a retrofitted buoy.
Buoy, what a life
June 25, 2021

A World War II-era buoy, made from some 800 pounds of military-grade steel, was recently converted into a wood-fired pizza and bread oven for the WSU Bread Lab.

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Health & Medicine

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Arts & Culture

Closeup of Roland Hayes and portion of a Daily Evergreen article covering his upcoming concert.
Acclaimed tenor Roland Hayes frequented Pullman
June 24, 2021

Nearly a century before Billie Eilish or Drake, the WSU Pullman campus was a regular stop for Roland Hayes, the man world-renowned for his mellow tenor voice and wide-ranging musical selections.

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Politics & Society

Reporting the protests
May 25, 2021

Murrow College graduates were on the front lines of the protests and demonstrations that swept the nation following George Floyd’s murder a year ago today.

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Reports & Updates

Entrance to Washington State University's Pullman campus.
We’re back, Cougs!
June 30, 2021

We are thrilled that we can now officially announce that Cougs at all our campuses across the state will be back in‑person in full capacity this fall.

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