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Health & Medicine
Closeup of Michael Letko working in a lab.
Bracing for the next pandemic
July 30, 2020

Inside his laboratory at Washington State University, Michael Letko is determined to give the world a leg up on the next pandemic.

Campus and Community,
University Affairs
'Washington State University' sign at entrance to the Pullman campus.
WSU commits to addressing racial bias in campus policing
July 30, 2020

The university's Police Chief Bill Gardner is initiating several steps to address racial bias in policing on the WSU Pullman campus, including convening a community workgroup.

Health & Medicine,
WSU Spokane News
Analytics and other information provided by the COVID Urban Rural Explorer.
WSU scientists develop COVID-19 tracking tool for rural areas
July 29, 2020

The COVID Urban Rural Explorer is one of the first tools that enables users to identify rural counties across the country with both limited hospital capacity and where COVID‑19 cases are rapidly growing.

Campus and Community

Illustration of padlock promoting information security.
Webinars offered this week for Aug. 4 MFA implementation
July 29, 2020

Beginning the evening of Aug. 4, Multi‑Factor Authentication will be required for more than 90 departmental and university-wide applications including Blackboard, Zoom, Outlook, Office 365 applications and more.

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Summit service restarts on Monday, Aug. 3
August 3, 2020

The Summit service, which allows WSU Libraries’ patrons to request library materials from member libraries of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, will resume on Monday, Aug. 3, for the Pullman campus only at this time. Because the campus is currently closed, materials can be mailed to a physical location. The WSU Libraries are planning for onsite pickup within the next two weeks.

The service is heavily used by library patrons, according to access services supervisor Brian McManus. A limited number of alliance libraries will be participating, 16 out of the 38 total members. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there will be a quarantine period of four … » More …

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Science & Technology

Closeup of a small mountain fly on the snow.
Glacial stream insect may tolerate warmer waters
July 27, 2020

The mountain stonefly, an endangered aquatic insect that lives in icy streams fed by glaciers, can tolerate warmer water temperatures at least temporarily, according to a study co-led by Scott Hotaling.

Closeup of a well
Measuring the unknown
July 23, 2020

A WSU professor has received a $673,000 grant from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to determine how the amount of groundwater has been changing in the Columbia Basin and why.

Digital background filled with computer code.
No honor among cyber thieves
July 22, 2020

Data analysis of illegal sites that specialize in stolen credit card information reveals criminals want free tools and defraud each other.

Bats hanging upside down with faces pointed toward camera.
Bat research critical to preventing next pandemic
July 13, 2020

In a recent Nature Reviews Microbiology article, WSU’s Michael Letko and colleagues call for more research into bat molecular biology and ecology, to help predict, and hopefully prevent, the next pandemic.

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Food & Agriculture

A man petting a pig through the bars of its pen
WSU-inspired national gene-editing task force begins work
July 17, 2020

One of the outcomes of WSU’s investment in the Functional Genomics Initiative is a national task force on gene-editing in livestock, an idea first proposed by Jon Oatley, director of WSU’s Center for Reproductive Biology.

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Health & Medicine

White and gray nematode and blue and orange glowing cancer cells on a black background.
Study finds fatty acid that kills cancer cells
July 14, 2020

Researchers have shown that a fatty acid called DGLA can induce ferroptosis, an iron-dependent type of cell death, in human cancer cells. The discovery has many implications, including a step toward a potential cancer treatment.

Terri the tortoise makes a turnaround
July 8, 2020

A tortoise believed to be run over by a vehicle could live another 90 years thanks to the care of Washington State University veterinarians.

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Politics & Society

A house sitting on a cloud in the sky.
To dream the impossible dream
July 21, 2020

The clamor for affordable housing has risen to the breaking point across the state. A WSU effort is exploring solutions that could involve a reshaping of our vision of housing.

A moment of celebration at Spokane Pride and Rainbow Festival 2019
Let this work heal
June 23, 2020

Esteban Herevia, an inclusion coordinator for the WSU College of Medicine, uses pride and faith to help communities, families and individuals recognize their power to create a culture of justice and diversity.

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