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Ukrainian students tune in to WSU class on international tourism

With their country at war, students from King Danylo University in western Ukraine face challenges unfathomable to most U.S. college students while working on a group project for an international tourism class at WSU.

Cash transfer proposal has downsides for child poverty

A proposal to provide monthly payments to most U.S. parents, similar to those under the pandemic relief program, would likely worsen poverty for children of single mothers, a WSU study has found.

Veteran experts panel and networking event set for Feb. 28

The annual Military All Call event is hosted by Carson College of Business and will be held at 6 p.m. via Zoom. It will feature a panel exploring the value of veterans in logistics and supply chain operations.

People prefer interacting with female robots in hotels

The preference for female robots working in service roles at hotels was stronger when the robots appeared more human-like, according to a study by WSU researcher Soobin Seo.