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Six people standing in an orchard and inspecting a drone.
WSU to lead national AI research institute for agriculture
July 29, 2021

With a $20 million federal grant, WSU will lead a multi-institutional research institute to develop artificial intelligence solutions to tackle agricultural challenges related to labor, water, weather and climate change.

More Research

Preserving employee morale during cost-cutting
July 12, 2021

After cutbacks and layoffs, remaining employees were more likely to feel they were treated fairly if the companies invested in them—and morale was less likely to plunge, according to new research.

Wildfire changes songbird plumage and testosterone
June 30, 2021

Following habitat-destroying wildfires, researchers found that many male red-backed fairywrens failed to molt into their ornamental plumage, making them less attractive to potential mates.

Using new technology to uncover wrongs from the past
June 24, 2021

WSU archaeologist Colin Grier is shedding light on the capabilities of ground penetrating radar to find and identify buried features, including graves, that are many decades or even centuries old.

Fungus fights mites that harm honey bees
May 27, 2021

A new fungus strain could provide a chemical-free method for eradicating mites that kill honey bees, according to a study led by WSU entomologists.