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Cyber security tips: Browse safely

Almost all employees do some business for WSU through the internet via browsers. Internet browsers tend to be a target for cyber attackers. Keep vigilant against cyber attacks by always using the latest browser version. Updated browsers have the latest security patches and are much harder to hack into. Not sure if yours is the […]

Calling on WSU employees to defend against fraud attempts

In today’s virtual environment, we are faced with the challenge of protecting ourselves and WSU from the daily onslaught of cyber attackers. While ensuring your software is updated and using anti-virus are just some of the many proactive steps you should take on a regular basis, cyber attackers have learned that the easiest way to […]

Nov. 18 | Reinstatement training: Pullman new advisors

Academic deficiency and reinstatement is a process that an academic advisor plays an important role in. This workshop is taught by the Reinstatement Coordinator to walk through the academic regulations and present and overview of the process for the reinstatement office, students and academic advisors. Thursday, Nov. 18, 9–11 a.m. Register online Interested in other […]

Nov. 18 | Employee assistance program: Strategies for stress management

Special offering from the Washington State Employee Assistance Program. We all experience stress from time to time. Some of it is “good” and some, we call “bad”. Most of us could benefit from adopting effective strategies for managing the stress that comes our way. During this presentation, we will: Explore what stress is Learn how […]

Nov. 18 | Public records and records requests

As a public institution, Washington State University is obligated to produce, upon request, any records or documents it keeps of its activities. This course is designed to acquaint managers with the basics of the Public Records Law, the types of records that are public and must be produced, WSU policy relating to public records and […]

Nov. 17 | Interpersonal communication in the workplace

This course is part of the Supervisory Training Series.  Most people picked up language naturally as children, learning vocabulary, framing sentences, and expressing thoughts or needs. Effectively communicating as adults, however, requires a bit more effort. The words we choose, tone of voice, facial and body movements — all this contributes to the ultimate message […]

Nov. 17 | myWSU: Query foundations

Prerequisite to myWSU: Advanced Query Techniques. Basic query writing and familiarity with PeopleSoft Query Manager. Includes searching for tables, adding data fields, and modifying criteria. Wednesday, Nov. 17, 9 a.m.–12 p.m. Register online Interested in other training opportunities? Visit the WSU Training Website.

Nov. 17 | myWSU: Advanced query techniques

Must complete myWSU: Query Foundations Advanced query writing using the PeopleSoft Query Manager. Includes creating subqueries, adding expressions, and becoming familiar with aggregate functions. Wednesday, Nov. 17, 1–4 p.m. Register online Interested in other training opportunities? Visit the WSU Training Website.

Nov. 17 | UndocuAlly training

This course is part of the Community and Equity Certificate Program.  Undocumented Initiatives’ UndocuAlly Training equips faculty and staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to become an active ally to students from undocumented communities. In this workshop we will discuss the issues facing undocumented communities, the laws and policies affecting undocumented students, and how […]

Nov. 17 | Purchasing card: New cardholders

Please note, this is not a Workday course. Please see Workday Procurement: Verify Procurement Card Transaction for Workday specific processes. This course is the required training for participants in the WSU Purchasing Card Program. Account Reconcilers are strongly encouraged to attend and attendance is required of all new Cardholders. Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2–3:30 p.m. Register online Interested in […]