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New ORC Full Service Bike Shop!

Go beyond the traditional bike trail with the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) Full Service Bike Shop! As the ORC continues to provide a wide range of opportunities for anyone looking to discover the outdoors, the WSU Fix-It Bike Shop is now offering a new menu of bike repair services. Inclusive tune-ups to entire overhauls, the Full Service Bike shop is here to make sure any bicyclist has the tools, opportunity, and knowledge to repair their bicycle. Designed to be an extension of the WSU Fix-It Bike shop, an array of maintenance items will also be available for purchase. To Continue reading


Seeking Input on Tuition Rates

Washington State University is seeking input with regard to tuition rates. The information gathered via this website will be provided to the WSU Board of Regents at their May 8th meeting in Pullman. The University is not advancing a request to increase tuition at this time, but we believe it is important to provide an opportunity for the WSU community and others to comment, should they wish to do so.Continue reading


Molecular Plant Sciences Seminar

David Favero, Molecular Plant Sciences Grad Student presents, “Protein-Protein and Protein-DNA Interactions Connect SOB3 to Light and Hormone Signaling Pathways Important for Seedling Development”

Wednesday, April 22, at 12:10 p.m., Webster 17


Important Reminder: Phase 3 Parking Permit Renewal

Phase 3: April 17 through May 30, 2015.

It is now time for those who participated in Phase 2 to go to back online and purchase your 2015/16 parking permit.  The deadline to purchase your requested permit or renew your existing permit is May 30, 2015.  Remember, based on availability, your permit choice may or may not be available to purchase.  However, you will still have the option to renew your current permit during this phase.  You may go to http://www. transportation.wsu.eduContinue reading


Final Sports Club Scarf Giveaway!

Join the WSU Cycling Club at the NWCCC Regional Championship Road Race for the last chance to receive your custom WSU scarf! The race is Saturday, April 25 at 9 a.m. at Hayton Green Park. WSU scarves will be given out to the crowd during the race, while supplies last, as we support our cycling Cougs. Not only is this a great opportunity for Coug fans to support our athletic clubs, this is a chance for the community as a whole to come together for WSU. Raise your “Win the Day” scarf today and cheer as our cyclist cruise over the competition!Continue reading