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Reporting the protests
May 25, 2021

Murrow College graduates were on the front lines of the protests and demonstrations that swept the nation following George Floyd’s murder a year ago today.

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Congestion pricing could shrink car size
May 13, 2021

A study suggests that policies that charge tolls for driving during peak hours could not only cure traffic jams but also convince motorists it is safe to buy smaller, more efficient cars.

Prehistoric Pacific Coast diets had salmon limits
April 12, 2021

In a new paper, anthropologists document the many dietary solutions ancient Pacific Coast people likely employed to avoid “salmon starvation,” a toxic and potentially fatal condition brought on by eating too much lean protein.

Study finds foster youth lack critical financial skills
March 24, 2021

Most people rely on family members to help them learn how to open a bank account, find a job or create a budget, but that’s often not an option for youth in foster care, according to new WSU research.

‘Shocking, yet unsurprising’
March 19, 2021

WSU scientist Sara Waters, who has chronicled escalating discrimination against Asians and Asian-Americans during the global pandemic, discusses the Atlanta slayings.

Blind trust in social media cements conspiracy beliefs
March 5, 2021

WSU researchers found that people with a strong trust in information found on social media were more likely to believe conspiracies, which falsely explain significant events as part of a secret evil plot.