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Pacific NW raises a glass to perry — sparkling and still
August 29, 2017

By Linda Weiford, WSU News

Glass of perryWENATCHEE, Wash. – An alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears that was a favorite drink of Napoleon’s is gaining popularity in the United States, thanks to a wave of hard apple cider producers in the Pacific Northwest.

New distilled spirits analysis earns WSU team top honors at world conference
June 26, 2017

distilled spirits analysis bottlesBy Maegan Murray, WSU Tri-Cities

RICHLAND, Wash. – A team from Washington State University recently took home top honors in the research poster competition at the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, for research on a technique typically used to evaluate the characteristics of wine.

Targeted drug makes alcohol guzzling mouse a teetotaler
August 30, 2016

By Eric Sorensen, WSU science writer

David-RossiPULLMAN, Wash. – A Washington State University researcher has found a mechanism that strongly influences whether or not an animal is likely to drink a lot of alcohol.

Combatting disease in key beer ingredient
April 8, 2011

By Terri Reddout, WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension



PROSSER – Informed beer drinkers everywhere are raising a toast to Washington State University, home of a new federal program to fight disease in hops, the ingredient that flavors and preserves America’s favorite brew.


Most sought after hops

Some of the world’s most sought after hops are grown in the Pacific Northwest.


The headquarters for the National Clean Plant Network for Hops (NCPN-Hops) is WSU’s Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser. The focus of the program is identifying and eliminating diseases caused by virus-like agents, especially hop stunt disease.


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“Drug Dog:The Nose Knows” to be presented at police forum
November 10, 2009


PULLMAN – The WSU Police Advisory Board will present “Drug Dog: The Nose Knows,” another WSU Police face-to-face forum, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Nov. 10 in the CUB Lounge.


Officers will explain when and how drug-sniffing dogs are used in police work and discuss the effects of drugs and alcohol, MIPs and ways to party safely.


Police officers will hold a question and answer session at the end of the forum. The forum is free and open to the public. For more information on this and other forums, visit the Police Advisory Board … » More …

WSU forum addresses wine labeling implications
November 27, 2007

PROSSER – WSU enologists Kerry Ringer and Jim Harbertson will host an informational forum on proposed changes to wine bottle labeling and its potential impact on Washington wineries.


The forum will take place from 1 to 3:30 p.m., Dec. 6 at the WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser. The WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center is located at 24106 North Bunn Road.

A panel of experts led by Harbertson will discuss the proposed ruling and its background and answer questions. Winery owners and winery personnel are encouraged … » More …

Stepping Stones house provides support
October 27, 2006

Alcoholism and substance abuse drive people down a dark road. Jerry Pastore’s goal is to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Pastore has been a substance abuse specialist at WSU Counseling Services since 2001. Each day he meets with students, provides consultation for addictions and oversees the Impact program for students who have violated the WSU Alcohol Policy.  He said WSU belongs to the Association of Recovery Schools, one of only 10 universities in the nation that participate in this kind of support system. “We feel really good that we’re doing something that other schools don’t provide,” he said. “WSU tries to … » More …

Alcohol abuse program makes measurable gains
March 25, 2005

With spring in full bloom and warmer weather approaching, many college students plan parties complete with coolers full of beer, wine and other beverages. Looking for a good time with good friends, good music and good food, some of those students are bound to end up having a bad time, with vomiting, hangovers, blackouts or worse. And there’s the rub. “Part of having a good time is not having a bad time,” says Patricia Maarhuis, coordinator of WSU’s Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Assessment and Prevention Services. That’s been the message this month in a special Spring Break campaign, but it’s a huge part of ADCAPS’ … » More …

Liquor sales corked during home games
August 22, 2003

Washington State University will join a trend among major universities nationally by updating its alcohol policy to limit the sale of alcoholic beverages at events associated with home football weekends.Beginning this season, WSU will limit alcohol sales at pregame functions to beer and wine only. No alcoholic beverages will be served at Hollingberry Fieldhouse after the game begins. This includes halftime and postgame events. Food still will be sold at the fieldhouse before all games and following afternoon games.University officials decided to modify the alcohol policy to address liability concerns and to help guarantee a family-friendly atmosphere at Cougar home football games. “We think this … » More …