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Geologist named a fellow of American Geophysical Union
November 3, 2016

By Eric Sorensen, WSU science writer

jeff-vervoortPULLMAN, Wash. – Jeff Vervoort, a WSU professor of geology, has been named a fellow of the American Geophysical Union, the nation’s top professional organization in earth science, for his work to help determine the origin and evolution of the Earth and solar system.

Ask Dr. Universe: Why do volcanoes ‘die?’
August 9, 2016

volcanoPULLMAN, Wash. – Each volcano’s life is a little different. Many of them are born when big chunks of the Earth’s crust, or tectonic plates, collide or move away from each other. The moving plates force hot, liquid rock, or magma, to rise up from deep within the Earth.

Mount St. Helens book merges science, eyewitness accounts
February 10, 2015

By Caryn Lawton, WSU Press

Path-of-Destruction-200PULLMAN, Wash. – May 18, 2015 marks the 35th anniversary of Earth’s largest terrestrial landslide in historical times – a result of a restless volcano and a uniquely violent eruption. The top of Mount St. Helens plowed into Spirit Lake, throwing water 860 feet above lake level, a great inland tsunami.

Rock Doc column: Earth’s next epoch … is now
February 10, 2015

By E. Kirsten Peters, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences

peters-e-k-2010-80PULLMAN, Wash. – I was raised in the Baptist church. As a grade school child, I memorized the books of the Bible. Maybe because of that personal history, when I started to study geology I didn’t resist memorizing the many pieces of the geologic time scale.

Undergrad helps develop method to detect water on Mars
October 3, 2014

By Eric Sorensen, WSU science writer

Kellie-Wall-80PULLMAN, Wash. – A Washington State University undergraduate has helped develop a new method for detecting water on Mars. Her findings appear in Nature Communications, one of the most influential general science journals.

Rock Doc column: How hard is that?
September 16, 2014

By E. Kirsten Peters, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences

peters-e-k-2010-80PULLMAN, Wash. – A good friend of mine checks each morning on the Web for the final “Jeopardy” game show question. It’s the last question on the taped TV program to be broadcast later that day. I don’t go to movies or follow sports, so I’m often at a loss when it comes to many quiz show questions. But recently I was in a position to answer the “Jeopardy” question because of my early training in geology.