Mount St. Helens anniversary

Mount St. Helens book merges science, eyewitness accounts

By Caryn Lawton, WSU Press PULLMAN, Wash. – May 18, 2015 marks the 35th anniversary of Earth’s largest terrestrial landslide in historical times – a result of a restless volcano and a uniquely violent eruption. The top of Mount St. Helens plowed into Spirit Lake, throwing water 860 feet above lake level, a great inland […]

Memories of Mount St. Helens 25 years later

On a tranquil Sunday in May 1980, the morning stillness was shattered by the quaking of one of the most famous volcanic eruptions of all time. Mount St. Helens blew its top at 8:32 a.m., seconds after a 5.1 magnitude earthquake rocked the mountain. The plume of ash and debris that rose from the gaping […]