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Oh, my aching joints! Is weather to blame?
November 30, 2017

By Linda Weiford, WSU News

Hand close-upPULLMAN, Wash. – A smattering of studies supported by legions of testimonials suggest that many of us feel weather in our bones.

Teens sought for research project about emotions, pain
October 17, 2016

teen-studyVANCOUVER, Wash. – Teens ages 14-18 in the Vancouver area are invited to earn $40 in gift cards for participating in a study about how positive emotions affect pain in healthy teens. Parents would get $10 in gift cards to help cover transportation.

Ask Dr. Universe: Why do we feel pain?
August 16, 2016

Dr-Universe-230PULLMAN, Wash. – Pain is unpleasant, but we need it for survival. Just the other day I was out exploring when I stubbed my paw and let out a big meow. My nervous system was doing its job.

Online management tools help ease chronic pain
July 8, 2015

By Eric Sorensen, WSU science writer

WilsonSPOKANE, Wash.—Washington State University researchers have found that people can manage chronic pain and reduce their reliance on opioids through an Internet-based program that teaches non-medical alternatives like increased physical activity, thinking more positively and dealing with emotions.

Device would measure pain in premature infants
June 1, 2015

By Lorraine Nelson, WSU Spokane and
Angie Funaiole, Office of Commercialization

Schiavenato-Martin-webSPOKANE, Wash. – The ability to measure pain in premature infants could help prevent them from developing tragic disabilities, says a researcher at Washington State University Spokane who just received a $235,000 grant from the state Life Sciences Discovery Fund for his work in this area.

Research funding for celiac-safe wheat, pain detection
May 21, 2015

lsdf-logoSEATTLE – Washington State University research projects about celiac disease-safe wheat and premature infant pain detection are among the ideas to receive $2.9 million in funding from Washington’s Life Sciences Discovery Fund.

Rock Doc: How much does it hurt? Assessing animal pain
November 25, 2014

By E. Kirsten Peters, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences

peters-e-k-2010-80PULLMAN, Wash. – When I take my elderly mother to the emergency room, the nurse asks how much pain she is in, on a scale of 1 to 10. There is a chart with pictures of little smiley faces, neutral faces and grimacing faces to help a person – perhaps a child – determine a number. Pain management is an important part of human medicine.

Researchers find nearly 1 in 5 adults have persistent pain
October 27, 2014

By Eric Sorensen,  WSU science writer

Jae-Kennedy-80SPOKANE, Wash. – Americans are in a world of hurt. Nearly one in five U.S. adults are in pain most every day for spells of three months or longer, according to an analysis by Jae Kennedy, professor of health policy and administration at Washington State University Spokane. The estimated 39 million adults in persistent pain outnumber the residents of California.

Vet technician earns pain management certification
December 12, 2013

Ensign-S-80PULLMAN, Wash. – Shelley Ensign has become the first certified veterinary pain practitioner (CVPP) at Washington State University and the second veterinary medical professional in the state to earn the certification.