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WSU News disabilities

Grant will create fellowships for researchers with disabilities at WSU

By Addy Hatch, College of Nursing

Jae Kennedy, WSU Health Policy & Administration

SPOKANE, Wash. – Research scientists with disabilities are underrepresented in the health sciences, yet such scholars bring needed perspective to understanding and improving health policies and services for people with disabilities. » More …

New special education faculty member wins national award

By C. Brandon Chapman, College of Education

Marcus-PoppenPULLMAN, Wash. – A clinical assistant professor of special education has won an award for his research predicting what will or won’t help young adults with disabilities to find jobs. » More …

Study to examine Affordable Care Act, those with disabilities

By Eric Sorensen, WSU science writer

Jae-Kennedy-80SPOKANE, Wash. – A Washington State University researcher will lead a $2.5 million examination of the federal Affordable Care Act’s impact on what may be the largest group in need of its services: people with disabilities. » More …

Device would measure pain in premature infants

By Lorraine Nelson, WSU Spokane and
Angie Funaiole, Office of Commercialization

Schiavenato-Martin-webSPOKANE, Wash. – The ability to measure pain in premature infants could help prevent them from developing tragic disabilities, says a researcher at Washington State University Spokane who just received a $235,000 grant from the state Life Sciences Discovery Fund for his work in this area. » More …

Residence Life educates on oppression

PULLMAN — Designed to raise awareness and promote diversity education, the Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive learning experience for all WSU members. The 2009 Tunnel of Oppression will be in McCroskey Hall, Feb. 2-4, from 3-8 p.m.


This year, attendees will be given the opportunity to gain knowledge on topics such as Veteran’s issues, body image, sexual orientation, genocide, sweat shop labor, poverty, domestic violence and learning disabilities.


The Tunnel of Oppression is a program that takes people on a tour through a series of rooms where different kinds of injustice and other scenarios are … » More …

Compliance officer fights for people with disabilities

The year 1990 means two things to Marshall Mitchell.It is the year he began working at Washington State University, as well as the year the Americans with Disabilities Act — the first comprehensive civil rights law for people with disabilities — was passed. Mitchell, the university’s ADA compliance officer, works to ensure that facilities and technology on campus are accessible to students, employees and other people with disabilities. “WSU poses a few barriers that can be changed and some that cannot,” he said recently. “While the terrain and the weather are not changeable, the lack of resources for programs and the attitudes that do not … » More …

Cost a barrier to prescriptions for people with disabilities

A national study published in the July issue of “The American Journal of Public Health” suggests that 1.3 million adults with disabilities do not take their medications as prescribed because they cannot afford to do so, and more than half report resulting health problems. Principal investigator Jae Kennedy, assistant professor in the Department of Health Policy and Administration at Washington State University Spokane, says, “the analysis shows how drug costs are affecting the health behavior of one of the most vulnerable populations in this country, adults with disabilities.”One of the key study findings indicate that most of the adults with disabilities who reported cost-associated noncompliance … » More …