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Update on Martin Stadium football project
August 1, 2013



Photo gallery of entire project on Facebook

To view a rapid time-lapse gallery of the project, click on the following link to,, then click on the “time-lapse” tab at the top of the page.

Cougar Football Project, with architectural renderings, live webcam and photo gallery on project from start to present.

WSU Capital Planning overview of Martin Stadium Football Operations Building project

Pedestrian access plan during construction

PULLMAN, Wash. – The Martin Stadium Football Operations Building project has been progressing steadily … » More …

Disappearing colors spike campus scenes
August 27, 2010


Photos by Shelly Hanks, WSU Photo Services, and Robert Frank, WSU Today



PULLMAN – Summer temperatures have spiked and now have begun to occasionally dip. As fall semester begins, here are a scenes from the past few weeks on the Pullman campus, where summertime colors have accented the landscaping … and now are disappearing.



Still true to fame for strength, convenience, beauty
August 25, 2010



(Photos and slide show by Tim Marsh, WSU Today)



PULLMAN – Majestic Thompson Hall on the WSU Pullman campus is the university’s oldest major building. It is among the most recognized and photographed of campus facilities.


Built in 1893-1894, it was home to WSU administration (it is sometimes still referred to as the “Old Admin Building”) until 1968 when the French Administration building opened.

Thompson was named in 1972 for Albert Wilder Thompson, dean of the College of Sciences and Arts at WSU 1953-64. After administrative offices departed, Thompson housed the College of Liberal Arts (following the separation of … » More …

Pullman campus master plan consultant selected
August 9, 2010


2008 WSU Pullman master plan map, courtesy of Capital Planning and Development 






Campus Master Planning Committee

WSU Pullman Master Plan

WSU Spokane Master Plan

WSU Vancouver Master Plan

WSU Tri-Cities Master Plan

WSU Mt. Vernon
Research Extension Center

WSU Prosser Research Extension Center



PULLMAN – Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company has been hired to help WSU through a public participation process for the Pullman Campus Master Plan Update.

» More …

Inventory catalogues 10,000 trees on campus
July 15, 2010




PULLMAN – Capital Planning and Development is continuing the long process of inventorying all the trees on the WSU Pullman campus. Cynthia Arbour, campus planner, has recorded about two-thirds of the campus, about 7,000 trees. She predicts there will be more than 10,000 trees in the inventory when it’s completed. 


The project helps with maintenance and future planning of the campus by providing accurate information on all the trees on campus.  


“It’s really helpful to know if we are looking to put in a new building or some new infrastructure, what trees will be impacted by that project and … » More …

Small army of faculty, staff guide Alive! 2010
June 29, 2010

Photos by Shelly Hanks, WSU Photo Services, and Tim Marsh, WSU Today.  Music: “The Monkey King,” played by WSU Jazz Big Band and written by Patrick Sheng.



Article by Robert Frank, WSU Today


PULLMAN – Fall semester incoming students are gearing up for a successful transition via the WSU’s 21st annual Alive! orientation program.


During June and July, about 3,300 students and their parents will attend one of 10 two- or three-day long Alive! programs. 


The required program includes a wide range of activities designed to acquaint students with academic policies, programs and expectations, as well … » More …

Riverpoint campus updates master plan
April 3, 2008

SPOKANE – WSU is launching an update of the master plan for the Riverpoint Campus, last updated in 2000. An oversight committee including representatives of Eastern Washington University and Sirti as well as WSU has been established to work with the design firms that have been selected.

The process begins in April, with plans to complete the process in 120 days. Opportunities for public review and input will be announced when they are finalized.

NAC Architecture of Spokane will facilitate the effort, with the team led by Bruce Blackmer and Tom Golden. MIG Inc. will lead the public participation process as well as providing their … » More …

Plan developed for Riverpoint Campus
March 28, 2008

SPOKANE – A collaborative approach to academic planning will expand opportunities in public higher education for Spokane, under a comprehensive academic plan developed this spring for the Riverpoint Campus.

The governing boards of Community Colleges of Spokane, Eastern Washington University and Washington State University recently reviewed and approved the plan, which lays out both short-term and long-term collaborative initiatives. The plan focuses on four core areas reflecting the strengths and opportunities for programs already growing at Riverpoint: health and biomedical sciences and professions; interdisciplinary design; education; and community viability and economic development.

“This plan’s development grows out of our commitment to productive, collaborative planning and … » More …

WSU x 4
March 31, 2006

Lonny W. Waddle follows his heart, which is why he’s been a staff member at all four WSU campuses during his career at the university. Waddle works as a media technician lead at WSU Spokane Information Technology, but this is not where his story begins. His wandering WSU career started in 1993, when he was a Pullman time-slip employee at Beasley Coliseum. His first classified staff job was in the WSU Pullman University Publishing department in September 1994; later, he worked in Accounts Payable until May 1996. However, Waddle’s fiancée at the time — now his wife — was living in Walla Walla, so Waddle … » More …

Facilities Operations asks for cooperation in building safety
December 1, 2005

Facilities Operations maintenance and custodial divisions are asking for the help of all university campus departments to improve the security of campus buildings during off hours. The Facilities Operations dispatch center has been receiving a large number of calls from individuals requesting to have buildings’ exterior doors or office areas unlocked for them. While Facilities Operations has unlocked building doors during non-working hours in the past, it will no longer be a practice due to the need for added security in many areas.Facilities Operations will not unlock a door that will allow a person to enter an area they are not authorized to enter. Each … » More …