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Tablets increase neck strain 3-5 times, says ergonomics study
March 13, 2015

VasavadaPULLMAN, Wash. – Strain on neck muscles increases 3-5 times when using tablet computers compared to sitting with the head in a neutral position, according to recent research by Anita Vasavada at Washington State University. The lowest demand on the neck was when the tablet was in a high propped position.

Strong neck may not help against concussion
August 21, 2013

concussion research

Strength training paired with improved flex-
ibility may reduce concussions in young
athletes. (Photo Rick Gomez/Blend Images)

PULLMAN, Wash. – Popular thought says that neck strength helps prevent concussions. But that’s not what recent research at Washington State University reveals.

“It appears from the youth research and the football player research that I have done, that impacts tend to be of a higher magnitude in kids with stronger necks and that athletes with a previous history of concussions tend to have stronger necks,” said Kasee Hildenbrand, associate professor in the College of Education.

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