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Tablets increase neck strain 3-5 times, says ergonomics study
March 13, 2015

VasavadaPULLMAN, Wash. – Strain on neck muscles increases 3-5 times when using tablet computers compared to sitting with the head in a neutral position, according to recent research by Anita Vasavada at Washington State University. The lowest demand on the neck was when the tablet was in a high propped position.

Tool extends classroom, builds vital connection
November 18, 2008

PULLMAN – Television invaded the classroom 50 years ago, but many teachers held the magic box at arm’s length. It was labeled a distraction and competition. Gradually, academic risk-takers embraced it and proved it to be a useful educational tool.


In the 1980s, computers were the new invader, later ushering in something called the Internet. Today, a tangle of computer technology known as Web 2.0 — wikis, blogs, social bookmarking, podcasts, ePortfolios, RSS feeds and more — is bulling its way in, leaving many overwhelmed.


At WSU Pullman, a series of 45-minute Friday morning workshops, titled “How … » More …