Feathered ‘fiend’ has long played on our fears

By Nella Letizia, WSU Libraries PULLMAN, Wash. – It’s Halloween, when this Washington State University Libraries patron’s mind turns to things that go bump – or, in this case, flap – in the night from a literary and not-so-literary point of view. This year, the subject is birds, the stuff of nightmares for many since […]

Unruly Halloween weather, present and past

By Nic Loyd, WSU meteorologist, and Linda Weiford, WSU News SPOKANE, Wash. – Last Halloween, whether you ventured outside to attend a party or your little ones trick-or-treated house to house, you may remember superhero capes flapping in the wind and Harry Potter robes pelted by rain.

‘Death of a Textbook’ highlights open educational resources

By Nella Letizia, WSU Libraries PULLMAN, Wash. – Some things are scarier than the ghosts, ghouls and goblins of Halloween. For college students (and many of their parents), the cost of textbooks and related course materials can make their hearts skip a beat more than the holiday’s worst horror movie.

Cut bats some slack; build them a home for Halloween

By Nella Letizia, WSU Libraries PULLMAN, Wash. – No soundtrack to Halloween would be complete without the flapping wings and piercing squeaks of bats. They are the maligned creatures of the night this time of year and also part of the holiday decorating tsunami – as in uber-icky spongey blobs hanging off fishing line on […]