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Four jack-o-lanterns, each with a different face.
Show us your Coug‑o‑lanterns
October 16, 2020

Washington State Magazine’s popular WSU stencil makes it easy to carve your pumpkins with Coug spirit this Halloween.

Closeup of Kelsey Pascoe with her dogs.
New Faculty Spotlight: Kelsey Pascoe
October 16, 2020

A passion for equity in patient care is motivating Kelsey Pascoe, assistant professor of nursing, to dive into research and invest in the university’s land grant mission.

More Coug Life

New Faculty Spotlight: Jacqueline Wilson
October 9, 2020

Music has been a creative outlet and a respite from the stresses of life for Assistant Professor of Music Jacqueline Wilson since her days as a self‑described “band kid” growing in Kennewick.

Why are face masks effective?
October 2, 2020

WSU scientists sat down with the fictional feline Dr. Universe to discuss a 12‑year old’s question about how face masks keep us safe during COVID‑19.

Designing for coronavirus
October 1, 2020

Interior design student Leigh Ann Bryan shifted her award-winning capstone studio project earlier this year to focus on the realities of COVID‑19.

New campaign encourages #PalouseUnity during pandemic
September 25, 2020

“Two cities, two universities—one community,” is an effort showing that WSU and the University of Idaho as well as the cities of Pullman and Moscow are all in the fight against COVID‑19 together.

Working together to contain COVID‑19
September 18, 2020

In a message to the WSU community, President Kirk Schulz reinforced the university’s ongoing commitment to containing COVID‑19 and working with stakeholders to protect the communities where WSU facilities are located.

‘There’s a reckoning that feels new’
September 3, 2020

WSU grad Sandy Williams, editor and publisher of The Black Lens newspaper, reflects on how momentum behind the Black Lives Matter movement seems different this time.

Does science get harder every year or is that just me?
August 28, 2020

As a new and unusual school year gets underway, the WSU Insider figured it would be an ideal time to feature a question from the Ask Dr. Universe archives that is likely on the minds of both students and faculty.

Designing healing spaces
August 24, 2020

Hannah Thayer began thinking of design as a career choice when she visited a women's shelter in Kenya in 2014. She has followed her passion ever since and is now pursuing a master’s degree in interior design.