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Physicists take first steps to harness antimatter
May 11, 2009

Video – “Antimatter – harnessing the power of positrons”

“This morning, NASA successfully launched the world’s first gamma ray shuttle to the galactic center of the Milky Way. Once there, geo-astronauts say they can mine and harvest enough raw antimatter to power Earth’s energy needs for the next decade. Unfortunately, they won’t be back for centuries…”
Although we won’t see that story on tonight’s six o’ clock news, Kelvin Lynn is serious when  he says it is possible to harness the power of antimatter – and that it may be conceivable to collect that antimatter from a mother-lode hiding out near the center … » More …

Scientists awarded over $2 million for nuclear studies
October 10, 2008

PULLMAN – Two scientists at WSU were awarded grants from the National Science Foundation’s Academic Research Initiative program totaling more than $2 million. Using the grant support, Sue Clark of the Chemistry Department will study nuclear forensics and Marc Weber and colleagues of the Center for Materials Research will develop new crystals for radiation detectors.

“Many of the radiochemical procedures used in nuclear forensics today are the same ones that were developed back in the Manhattan Project,” said Clark. The current methods for separating and identifying actinides, a series of radioactive elements used in nuclear weapons and power applications, can take days or … » More …