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Veterinary prof a fellow of National Academy of Inventors
December 13, 2016

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University professor Katrina L. Mealey has been elected a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors – a prestigious group of scientists that includes 27 Nobel laureates.

Genes, breeding help deliver the perfect steak
June 9, 2016

By Seth Truscott, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences

SteaksPULLMAN, Wash. – A 10-year breeding project to build the perfect beefsteak has found that tenderness is in the genes – it is an inherited quality.

Genetic tests to be offered for prostate, breast cancers
August 18, 2015

By Lorraine Nelson, WSU Spokane

Trobridge-80SPOKANE, Wash. – A genetic testing company will make available tests for prostate cancer survival and breast cancer recurrence to patients following identification of the biomarker genes in a Washington State University laboratory.

Genetic modification pervasive, problematic
February 9, 2004

Whether they realize it or not, consumers all over America are buying supermarket chickens fed with genetically modified (GM) grains. “Over 70% of US corn and 80% of soybeans, as well as much of the canola, are GM,” said professor Diter VonWettstein, WSU Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, School of Molecular Biology. “Most American processed foods contain GM products, unless labeled otherwise,” agreed professor Paul Lurquin, School of Molecular Biosciences. “There is no law in the U.S. that forces anyone to label GM foods, unlike in Europe,” he added. Lurquin, whose research in plant biotechnology helped establish early techniques for transgenesis, feels that U.S. … » More …