civil service

WSU supervisors gain knowledge, manage skills

PULLMAN, Wash. – The Washington State University “Training for Supervisors” series for 2013-14 will begin Wednesday, Sept. 11, with a discussion about position descriptions, expectations and annual reviews. Additional topics in the series include workplace communication, fair labor standards, equal opportunity issues and others critical to effective supervision.    Civil service entry-level supervisors and managers […]

Job classification draft, contracting rules posted online

Some recent updates in the process of implementing the state of Washington’s new civil service reforms were announced in late December. The reform program — which will reduce the number of job classifications, reorganize salary ranges and change private contracting rules — involves feedback from the public. Several of the proposed changes are listed below. […]

Bargaining units and university plan negotiations

The push for civil service reform will be kicking into high gear in an effort to meet a state deadline requiring that general government agencies and the public universities provide completed collective bargaining agreements, ready for presentation to the Governor’s office by October 2004. At Washington State University, the three unions that represent bargaining units […]