WSU and PNNL host joint seminar series to foster research collaboration

Washington State University and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) will kick off the Discuss, Discourse, Disseminate with Data (D4) joint seminar series at noon on Wednesday, Dec. 1 via Teams

Chris Keane, vice president for research and vice chancellor for research at WSU, and Mike Wolcott, associate vice president for National Laboratory Partnerships, will introduce the session along with Nairanjana (Jan) Dasgupta, director of Data Analytics and Data Science Fellow. She will briefly share some highlights about the field of data science. 

During the D4 seminar series, faculty and scientists from PNNL and WSU will provide short synopses of their data work and host an open discussion on the topic to encourage research collaboration and knowledge exchange. The second talk in the series will take place at noon on Wednesday, Dec. 8, and will feature an introduction to the Mathematics for Artificial Reasoning in Science and Data-Model Convergence Initiatives at PNNL. 

The series will continue through the spring 2022 semester on the second and fourth Wednesday every month at noon, ending in mid-June with a WSU-hosted Data Science Day. The series will feature Bala Krishnamoorthy, professor in the WSU College of Arts and Sciences Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Sutanay Choudhury, computer scientist at PNNL, Assefaw Gebremedhin, associate professor in the WSU Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Chris Oehmen, computer science in the Biological Sciences Division at PNNL, Daryl Deford assistant professor of data analytics in the WSU College of Arts and Sciences Department of Mathematics and Statistics at WSU, William Cannon, multiscale modeling and UQ computational scientist at PNNL, Xiongzhi Chen, assistant professor in the WSU College of Arts and Sciences Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Eric Lofgren, assistant professor in the WSU Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health 

The D4 seminar series is sponsored by the WSU Office of Research and PNNL. For more information, contact Jan Dasgupta from WSU, and Tony Chiang and Panos Stinis at PNNL. Anyone with interest in data science is welcome to attend the series.

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