Washington Technology Center provides grants to partnerships

The Washington Technology Center has awarded Research and Technology Development grants to companies working in partnership with academic researchers from the University of Washington and Washington State University.

Seven companies were selected to receive the grants, which total more than $450,000.

* Arcadia Biosciences, a company in Seattle, has joined Dr. Diter von Wettstein from WSU to accelerate the development of new wheat cultivars for crops in Washington. Together they are working to create new strains of wheat that could reduce allergens.

* Dr. Juming Tang from WSU has teamed up with FungusAmongUs–a supplier of nonperishable mushroom based products. The team aims to develop processes to produce shelf-stable and ready-to-serve soup in heat-sealable containers. The WSU research team will focus on creating the design and development of the thermal sterilization processes and products.

* nLight Photonics, manufacturer of laser diode-based solutions located in Vancouver, Wash., is working with Dr. Amir Jokar from WSU Vancouver to analyze and improve the heat transfer of their products. By improving the cooling of the diodes, greater power levels and application opportunities will be available.

For more information on these partnerships or grant distribution, visit http://www.watechcenter.org/index.php?p=Grant_Winners&s=1018.

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