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Business and Technology Centers to host seminar in Seattle
September 30, 2009


SEATTLE– The Washington Small Business Development Centers and the Washington Technology Center will host the seminar, “How Small Businesses Can Successfully Commercialize Technology,” from 8 a.m. to noon Wednesday, Oct. 14, at WSU West, Pike Tower Building, 520 Pike Street, Suite 1101, Seattle.

This seminar provides an overview of the process of commercialization, including how to determine entry markets, find customers, develop a commercialization strategy, find commercialization partners and funding, value technology, determine royalty rates, develop a term sheet and conduct negotiations. The presentation will include many real-world examples.

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Smart bark technology funded for plant care
July 8, 2008


SEATTLE – Washington Technology Center has awarded $99,778 in Research and Technology Development funding based on a proposal from Washington State University in collaboration with Plant Care Technologies Corporation.

Plant Care Technologies Corporation, a start-up nursery bioproducts company located in Pullman, is partnered with the Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory at Washington State University to study the commercial feasibility of using heat-treated waste-wood products as an alternative to traditional plant-growing media.

WSU will receive $99,778 in Phase I Research and Technology Development funding from Washington Technology Center and $19,956 from Plant Care Technologies Corporation for the project titled … » More …

Research, industry leaders convene for Tech Summit
March 22, 2007

Pacific Northwest technology leaders and Gov. Chris Gregoire and will convene in Bellevue April 12 for the 2007 Washington State Technology Summit.The Washington State Technology Summit — an annual event that brings together the region’s entrepreneurs, researchers, industry executives, government officials, civic leaders and economic development champions — is designed to collectively examine technology innovation and the growth of Washington’s industries.Summit participants will discuss opportunities available within the global high-tech marketplace and learn what companies in Washington state are doing to make their businesses successful in their global endeavors. This year’s tech summit will focus on emerging technologies in four sectors: energy, life sciences, nanotechnology, … » More …

Washington Technology Center provides grants to partnerships
January 24, 2007

The Washington Technology Center has awarded Research and Technology Development grants to companies working in partnership with academic researchers from the University of Washington and Washington State University.Seven companies were selected to receive the grants, which total more than $450,000. * Arcadia Biosciences, a company in Seattle, has joined Dr. Diter von Wettstein from WSU to accelerate the development of new wheat cultivars for crops in Washington. Together they are working to create new strains of wheat that could reduce allergens. * Dr. Juming Tang from WSU has teamed up with FungusAmongUs–a supplier of nonperishable mushroom based products. The team aims to develop processes to … » More …

12 companies awarded $657,000 for research
January 21, 2005

12 companies awarded more than $657,000 in funding Washington Technology Center’s Research & Technology Development (RTD) grants program awards more than $1 million annually to university researchers teamed with technology companies on projects that show potential for commercial success.  Twelve Washington companies received awards totalling more than $657,000 in the most recent round of funding. These recipients represent businesses all across Washington, east to west and north to south, with research support provided by three of the state’s major academic institutions: University of Washington, Washington State University and Central Washington University. Five of the 12 grants involve WSU research projects.  Below are short summaries of … » More …

Researchers, entrepreneurs can apply now for 2005 grants
January 21, 2005

The Washington Technology Center is now accepting applications for its spring round of research funding awards. WTC’s Research and Technology Development (RTD) awards are designed to help integrate new technologies into Washington business operations.   Companies that team with researchers from academic institutions or research centers can receive up to $240,000 in financial support for collaborative research projects. WTC invests more than $1 million annually on behalf of the state towards technology projects with strong commercial potential through this grants program.   Winning an RTD grant could help companies fund critical research to accelerate to-market delivery of an innovative technology or next-generation product release. It … » More …