Website lets employees manage earnings, benefits

Tracking and managing your earnings and benefits — including health insurance, life insurance, W-4 withholding status, disability insurance, retirement contributions, direct deposit, deferred compensation and earnings — has never been easier or faster.

Thanks to efforts by the Payroll Services and Benefit Services offices,, employees and students can now review and manage their earnings and benefits via the Internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This secured site, found at, provides virtually all the information and access you need to wisely manage your earnings and benefits.

To retrieve and view your payroll and benefit information, all you have know is your WSU ID number and password, and have access to a computer with an Internet browser.

Why is this important to you?

Things change, and when they do, you often need to make adjustments to your earnings and benefits program to protect or maximize it. For example: The calendar year is entering its fourth quarter, you probably should review your earnings and withholding status to make sure you’re not making an “interest-free loan” to Uncle Sam, and that you are making maximum use of the money you are earning. By accessing the website, you can review or print out your most recent pay stub information, then plug that data into the online Federal Withholding Tax Calculator. Voila! You have the information you need to determine whether you are withholding too little or too much money for taxes this year. Should you need to increase or decrease the number of dependents on your W-4 Federal Withholding Tax form, just click the mouse, and you can print out a W-4 form for submission to Payroll Services.

This site also allows you to: manage your direct deposit, review your current insurance coverages, view your salary and funding, review your retirement contributions and print your last year’s W-2 form.

Check it out from home or when you’re on a break. It allows you to be a better money and resource manager.

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