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Sahlin awards for research, teaching, leadership, outreach
March 5, 2015

PULLMAN, Wash. – Four Washington State University faculty members have been named recipients of the 2014-15 Sahlin awards, to be presented at WSU’s Showcase Celebrating Excellence Recognition Banquet on March 27.

Environment link may be ‘major finding’
March 17, 2006

Everyone has something that keeps them going. For Michael Skinner, director for the Center for Reproductive Biology at WSU, those things are a basic curiosity and a drive to find the answers to questions.Over the past couple of years, Skinner and his research team discovered a direct link between environmental exposures and human reproductive health. In essence, this research suggests that a toxicant your great-grandmother was exposed to could affect your health without changing the genes themselves.“If verified, this discovery could be on the level of the discovery of how genes work — a major finding in biology,” said Michael Griswold, dean of the College … » More …

Holland librarian honored for community commitment
March 7, 2003

Alice Spitzer is not the stereotype of a shy librarian, lifting her nose out of a book just long enough to shush talkative students. A humanities and social sciences librarian at Holland Library since 1975, she says librarians are interesting people.She should know. Spitzer is an experienced world traveler who is multilingual, people-friendly, service-oriented and has an extraordinary commitment to public service and the Pullman community. She has been places and done things that people usually just read about. And she is a member, contributor and participant of more than seven community organizations.From hand-sewing most of the Renaissance costumes each year for WSU’s Madrigal Singers … » More …