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Engaging students in class and research
March 17, 2006

Some professors teach with overheads or PowerPoint. Some teach by lecture. Tom Dickinson teaches by demonstration. Hands-on demonstrations and in-class puzzlers (questions and problems) are essential to his course.“He rarely lectures but instead focuses on furthering our deeper understanding in what I now can see are the basics of physics,” said Christopher Bates, undergraduate physics and biochemistry major. “He forced us to learn the equations and general topics on our own from our textbook so that he could clarify, build and correct us on the conceptual ideas.”In addition to challenging students in the classroom, Dickinson pushes them to excel in the laboratory. His lab — … » More …

A 36-year history of teaching and learning
March 31, 2004

In almost 36 years as a member of the Washington State University faculty, Roger Schlesinger has taught 18 different classes ranging from undergraduate courses in Western Civilization to classes in his fields of expertise: the Renaissance, Reformation and world exploration. He has compiled an enviable record of teaching, and of the scholarship of teaching, that merits his honor as the winner of the 2003-04 Sahlin Faculty Excellence Award for Instruction. His teaching awards at WSU span the last two decades and include: • the ninth Invited Honors Lecture in 1987• the Burlington Northern Award for Excellence in Instruction in 1990• Mortar Board Distinguished Professor in … » More …