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Ruckelshaus recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom
November 17, 2015

RuckelshausWASHINGTON – William Ruckelshaus, chair of the board of a conflict resolution center named for him at Washington State University/University of Washington, joins Barbra Streisand, Willie Mays and others as recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor.

New year’s resolution: save energy
January 5, 2007

With the new year, many people make personal resolutions to improve their lives. Terry Ryan, director of energy systems operations for Facility Operations, would like people to make a resolution to help improve Washington State University by conserving energy.“We’ve been working on energy conservation for a number of years,” he said. “The university always had an ongoing conservation program.”Lately, Ryan and others from FacOps have been reminding people to conserve. They have held meetings to help educate people on the energy costs at WSU and the impact of high energy consumption.“Utility costs take money from other core program needs,” Ryan said. “If we can reduce … » More …

Effective diet has no magic pill
January 7, 2005

Diet. How’s that for a four-letter word, especially this time of year? The jolly season has been packed away with the tinsel and party hats. Suddenly, ‘tis the season to lose a few pounds.Low carb? Low fat? No flour? No sugar? What’s a body to do?We turned to WSU’s own informal “Food Intake and Obesity Group” in the Department of Veterinary, Comparative Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology for answers.Well, they said, it isn’t easy. And ultimately, the best answer right now is an eight-letter word: exercise.Okay, you didn’t need a Ph.D. to figure that out. But, you probably do need a Ph.D., and years of research, … » More …

Solving employee differences for 10 years
August 20, 2004

This year marks the 10th anniversary of WSU’s Conflict Resolution Program (CRP), a groundbreaking service in Washington higher education and still one of only two in the state.In 1994, university administrators met with two local ministers who expressed concern for the well being of university personnel. A task force subsequently created by Sam Smith, former WSU president, concluded that a program was needed to help employees and students confidentially resolve conflict at the lowest possible level. Since then, the CRP has served hundreds of WSU employees and students in communities throughout the state; the only requirement is that WSU personnel are involved in the conflict. … » More …