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LASER science award goes to WSU professor
May 29, 2007

SEATTLE – John “Skip” Paznokas, director at the Science Math Engineering Education Center (SMEEC) at Washington State University is one of five in Washington state receiving the 2006/2007 Science Education Advocate award from Washington State LASER (Washington State Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Reform), with support from The Boeing Company. Paznokas also serves as assistant dean of the College of Sciences and is an associate professor of biological sciences.

The award will be presented to Paznokas on June 1 at a reception being held in his honor at 4 p.m. in the Lewis Alumni Centre, 1 Lincoln Dr., on the Pullman campus.

Presented for … » More …

Inspiring the next generation of scientists
January 5, 2007

Photo: Skip Paznokas with a map of the state.(Photo courtesy of Skip Paznokas).John (Skip) Paznokas has been giving and regiving the same gifts for the last 15 years.In 1991, Paznokas, associate professor of biological sciences and director of the Science Mathematics Engineering Education Center, received a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to purchase and distribute equipment for in-classroom science experiments to teachers in Washington’s K-12 system. He assembled the equipment into “kits,” each with enough educational material for 30 students, and then shipped the boxes to science teachers at no cost. When the teachers returned the kits, he refurbished the supplies and sent … » More …

Faculty from 15 universities attend WSU institute
June 16, 2006

Kayleen Pritchard from the Pacific Education Institute and Rodger Hauge from Eastern Washington University (l-r in photo above) were two of the 26 faculty from 15 Washington colleges and universities who came to WSU for the Teachers of Teachers of Science (TOTOS) conference, June 8 through 10.The TOTOS members spent part of their time at Klemgard County Park, east of Pullman, in a hands-on experience with environmental education.In the attached photo, Pritchard and Hauge are checking for macroinvertibrates in Union Flat Creek at Klemgard Park.TOTOS was established in 1997 by John Paznokas, associate professor of the School of Biological Sciences, as a professional organization for university … » More …

Excited about teaching science, passing the baton
March 29, 2002

Within a special classroom in Cleveland Hall, Lynda Paznokas gives her students — tomorrow’s K – 8 teachers — the confidence they’ll need to reach their pupils, by putting them into the shoes of those youngsters.The walls of her classroom are filled with bulletin boards that could be found in any K – 8 class, and the counters and back rooms are filled with science experiments — completed, in progress and yet to be tried. Butterflies flit under a net, pollinating the small plants on the table below, while part of the ceiling displays the star constellations as they were on Dec. 25, 2000.Always a … » More …