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Sports facility improvements progressing
May 19, 2014

Photos by Tim Marsh, special to WSU News

PULLMAN, Wash. – The Martin Stadium Football Operations building is in the final stages at Washington State University Pullman, while Phase 1 of soccer field improvements is under way.

Northside hall sets new standard for campus living
August 8, 2013

Photos by Shelly Hanks, WSU Photo Services Article, SoundSlides by Robert Frank, WSU News


08-16-2012 WSU News – Community, Duncan Dunn Hall renovation complete
08-24-2009 WSU News – Olympia Avenue dormitory welcomes students (photos)

PULLMAN, Wash. – Seventeen months in the making, Washington State University’s new Northside Residence Hall offers students a variety of highly desired features — convenient location, high-level security, community focus, digitally connected, and energy efficient.

“Northside hall is the epitome of what we are striving to provide, with amenities and … » More …

Cougars guarding Bohler removed for repair
July 28, 2010



Photos by Robert Hubner, WSU Photo Services and (those with dates) by Richard Kizer, Capital Planning and Development



PULLMAN – The familiar majestic cougars guarding the west entrance to Bohler Gymnasium were lowered from their perch on a cornice above the entry this morning so contractors could restore them to original condition.

Reconditioning of the cougars is part of a larger exterior restoration of the brick and stone work at Bohler Gymnasium. It project involves:

replacing the flashing underneath the cougars

replacing all loose bricks and mortar

removing all the capstones from on top of the walls

repairing the cornice … » More …

Power outages: A few seconds down mean 24 hours of work
October 28, 2005

When a power outage hits the WSU campus, the challenge is a little more complex than an outage at your house. Okay, a l-o-t more complex, especially for the folks at Facilities Operations.Sure, the Oct. 18 power outage had students pouring out of labs and classrooms like a band of elementary school kids at recess. And hundreds of employees were idled, as police directed traffic at several intersections. But that’s only a fraction of the story.Power outages generally throw FacOps crews into a red alert, confronting them with a multitude of challenges that requires everything from answering a flood of calls, to physically checking on … » More …

Database management to redefine Fac Ops
February 20, 2004

If you think tracking your finances and maintaining your home is a battle, consider the challenge Facilities Operations faces.In Pullman, Facilities Operations oversees the maintenance and remodeling of about 300 buildings, as well as 350 vehicles and 467 acres of landscaped property. In the 2003-05 biennium, that effort will demand a budget of about $72 million and require the coordination of about 420 classified staff in Pullman handling everything from minor construction and remodeling projects, to broken pipes and moving office equipment. Add to that the overwhelming fact that Facilities Operations has been tracking all those projects — costs, resources, scheduling, employee hours, repairs, inventory, … » More …

Retired zoologist Herbert Eastlick dies
July 19, 2002

Herbert L. Eastlick, professor emeritus of zoology at Washington State University, died June 20 at Pullman, from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. He was 94.During his 33 years at WSU, Eastlick was devoted to preparing students for professional careers in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. He once described himself as a “taskmaster and autocrat in the classroom,” motivated by his overriding concern for his students and the rigid demands they would face in professional schools. He mentored thousands and gained a reputation among medical schools for honest, accurate evaluations of the students he taught and advised. Often, deserving WSU applicants were admitted to leading schools on … » More …

Nothing keeps this employee from job contentment
April 26, 2002

By Brad ReDfordWSU Today Barry Birdsell is a one-man band — of sorts. Actually, he is Washington State University’s only window washer, and the single note he plays is the squeak from a squeegee rubbing across sparkling clean glass.It may sound “mono-tonous,” but it’s not to Birdsell. It’s a job he has come to love.Job changeBeginning in July 1972, he worked 14 years as a WSU custodian. Then he applied for the job as window washer. Sixteen years later, he is happier now than when he started, and he is going strong with a job he loves and looks forward to every day.Being a custodian … » More …