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WSU News energy savings

Advisor boosts business’ failing expansion to doubled revenue


By Hope Belli Tinney, Washington SBDC

TUKWILA, Wash. – If your furnace is working overtime and you still have a cold, drafty house, the usual suspects are old windows and poor insulation. Or maybe a worn out furnace. » More …

Missing ingredient in energy-efficient buildings: People

By Tina Hilding, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

Julia-Day-80PULLMAN, Wash. – More than one-third of new commercial building space includes energy-saving features, but without training or an operator’s manual many occupants are in the dark about how to use them. » More …

Research could lead to dramatic data farm energy savings

By Tina Hilding, College of Engineering & Architecture

chip-90PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University has developed a wireless network on a computer chip that could reduce energy consumption at huge data farms by as much as 20 percent. » More …