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Vet Med offers clinical trial for dogs with cancer
September 28, 2010



PULLMAN – WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine is offering a financial incentive to pet owners whose dogs participate in a clinical trial regarding B cell lymphoma, a type of blood cell cancer.


Artemisinin is a drug derived from the plant Artemisia annua. It has been traditionally used by Chinese herbalists in the treatment of skin diseases and malaria. In addition to its well-known antimalarial properties, the drug has recently aroused interest as an anticancer drug. 


In the laboratory, the drug causes cancer cell death and changes that could sensitize cancers making them more susceptible to common chemotherapy … » More …

WSU professor to work with Parkinson’s patients
July 20, 2010

SPOKANE – A WSU pharmacy professor will spend fall semester working with and studying a select group of Parkinson’s Disease patients, thanks to a national fellowship award.

Joshua J. Neumiller, an assistant professor of pharmacy at WSU Spokane, is hoping to find out if intensive medication management will help the patients’ motor skills after they have gone through deep brain stimulation surgery.

Neumiller will be working with Spokane neurosurgeon Dr. Jonathan Carlson as well as the pharmacy and nursing departments at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane.

Neumiller received the only Pharmacy Faculty Development Fellowship in Geriatric Pharmacy that was … » More …

Peanuts make suprising debut
November 30, 2007

Photo: Like pennies from heaven, peanuts fall during October harvest in Pasco. (Photo by Kevin Montgomery).


Peanuts, traditionally a southern crop, have found a new calling in the sagebrush-covered soil of eastern Washington. On a WSU test plot in Pasco, recent harvests have produced peanuts in yields equal to or surpassing the national average. Indeed, all across Washington, alternative crops from sunflowers to soybeans are poised to boost the state’s economy.

Tim Waters, area extension educator for Franklin and Benton counties, reports early October peanut yields of 1,922 to 4,096 pounds per acre. … » More …

WSU prof couple driven to sustain
September 28, 2007

PULLMAN — Robert and Cecilia Richards make a bold statement about energy sustainability, every time they go for a drive.  The couple, both professors in WSU’s School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, recently purchased their eye-popping pink, eerily-quiet electric car, called the Xebra, in an effort to reduce emissions and do their part for the environment.  

“We’re concerned about global warming and greenhouse gases,” Robert said. “As engineers we want to find solutions that really … » More …