Employee trainings more accessible, varied with move to Percipio

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Human Resource Services continues to enhance its compliance and skills training platform with accessibility and quality of life features, making both required and optional assignments easier to complete and more rewarding for users.

In August 2022, WSU launched Skillsoft Percipio, its new employee learning suite, greatly expanding on the types of training and skills courses available to employees. The shift to Percipio also enabled an additional 10,000 users affiliated with the university – including graduate students and temporary workers – to access professional development trainings.

“One of the catalysts for upgrading to Percipio was the desire to have one place where WSU employees can go to do everything from completing required compliance courses to supplementing their own skills with engaging online courses,” said Isabelle Dominique Ross, a human resources consultant on the Learning & Organizational Development team at WSU.

Percipio also allows employees to showcase their completed courses on social media platforms like LinkedIn and test their existing skills with assessments.

The upgrade to Percipio also allowed Human Resource Services to reaffirm compliance trainings as essential exercises for employees. All WSU employees are required by university policy to complete four specific compliance assignments annually:

  • Ethics in Public Service
  • Hazing Prevention
  • ITS- Cyber Security Awareness
  • Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Prevention

There are also safety trainings covering injury prevention that employees are supposed to complete in the first few weeks of the job. They trainings are only required once, unlike the required annual trainings listed above.

For those unfamiliar with Percipio or unsure how to get started, Ross recommends starting at the HRS website. Scrolling down the training page, users find a Skillsoft Percipio and featured learning opportunities section, complete with frequently asked questions, among other resources. Clicking the online learning account link takes employees to the main Percipio login, where after logging in, they have access to the full suite of assignments and trainings.

Ross also has several tips for new Percipio users:

  • It’s best to complete training modules in one sitting if possible due to potential issues with progress not being saved
  • Just below the featured live courses banner on the WSU Percipio homepage is a yellow icon that directs users to their required training assignments
  • Avoid Microsoft Edge, as the browser is not supported by Percipio
  • Upon encountering any issues access Percipio content, contact hrstraing@wsu.edu, and be sure to include screenshots if possible

Greatly expanding access to trainings and professional development opportunities underscores HRS’ commitment to investing in employees, Ross said. In addition to any required trainings, employees have up to 96 hours of paid time for elective trainings, something that HRS hopes to see more employees take advantage of. It’s also important that employees understand managers cannot require them to complete required trainings during off-hours.

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