Introducing Skillsoft Percipio — Launching Aug. 9

We are moving to a new employee learning platform!

Skillsoft’s newest intelligent learning platform, Percipio, was designed for one purpose — to help you more easily refresh your current skills and embrace new ones.

  • Check out Aspire Journeys for guided, role‑based, and skill‑based learning paths.
  • Attend boot camps and leader camps that experts and practitioners host live for two four‑hour sessions each week.
  • Build skills through Channels, organize everything you should know about in‑demand capabilities worldwide.
  • Earn Skillsoft Digital Badges to share with your networks.
  • Gauge your level of proficiency for a certain skill using Skill Benchmark Assessments, get a score, and receive recommendations for developing the skill.
  • Choose from videos, books, summaries, audiobooks, or hands‑on labs.
  • Discover relevant content with personalized AI‑driven recommendations.
  • Learn without disrupting your workflow with a unique browser plug‑in.
  • Learn anywhere, any time, on any device.
  • Accelerate your growth with certification prep.

Complete Skillport training currently in progress by: Sept. 30

New employees with a start date of July 25 forward will gain access to Skillsoft Percipio on our launch date, Aug. 9

Visit our Percipio page to learn more: WSU Percipio

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