WSU releases strategic plan annual report

Washington State University has introduced four system-level priorities and metrics geared to help reach its strategic plan goals. The report on these efforts shares progress and next steps for WSU.

Four priorities were released as part of the Strategic Plan Annual Report for FY 2021–2022:

  • Goal 1: Research, Innovation, & Creativity 
    Increase total R&D expenditures by 5% from $357.6M to $375.5M
  • Goal 2: Student Experience
    Reduce the retention gap between the overall student population and our first-generation, Pell-eligible, and students of color by 1% per year
  • Goal 3: Outreach, Extension, Service, & Engagement
    Establish a shared definition of community engagement, metrics to be used, and a systemwide tool for data collection
  • Goal 4: Institutional Effectiveness & Infrastructure
    Reduce demographic reporting unknowns for faculty and staff: faculty from 32.7% to 10%; staff from 23.3% to 10%

“We are excited to focus on these four areas over the course of this academic year,” said WSU President Kirk Schulz. “System-level coordination, in conjunction with campus, college, and unit initiatives, will help us better fulfill institutional objectives and further Washington State University.” 

A WSU System Strategic Plan Coordinating Council is also being established to ensure implementation of the strategic plan. The council will work with a group of university experts for each priority area to better execute the goal. 

“Our strategic plan is very much alive and driving what we do today at WSU,” said Christine Hoyt, vice president for Strategy, Planning, and Analysis. “We are making progress in bringing our institution together to achieve our goals. My hope is that each one of us in the WSU community can see how important our role is in the strategic plan as we work to fulfill our mission.” 

The full report is available on the Strategy, Planning, and Analysis website.

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