Volunteers sought to serve on Community Standards boards

By Chantell Cosner, Division of Student Affairs

Closeup of Elizabeth Peisner.

Washington State University is seeking students, faculty and staff from all campuses to serve as members of the Conduct Board, the Academic Integrity Board, and the Appeals Board as part of the new Community Standards Process.

“Our commitment to a student-focused and supportive experience cannot be achieved without the input and active participation of the WSU community,” said Elizabeth Peisner, interim assistant dean of students. “We are looking for members who can be objective, responsible, and inquisitive while remaining thoughtful and considerate of each student’s situation.”

The boards are managed by the Office of the Dean of Students, and members will be called upon periodically to hear reported incidents that may be in violation of our community standards. No prior experience in legal matters or student conduct is required, and members will receive training both in‑person and online to prepare to serve in this role.

The estimated time commitment for board members is approximately 5–15 hours per semester, not including training time. Selected board members will become a collective pool of participants that will be called upon as needed and as availability allows.

About the Process

The community standards process is designed to support students, uphold student rights and responsibilities, and hold students accountable for behaviors that conflict with community standards.

Each board will consist of members who have been through a selection process and trained on topics to be impartial in understanding the perspective of all students no matter the circumstances. Members will review and consider the contents that have been gathered and submitted into the student’s file on the reported incident, discuss the reported incident as relating to the Washington State University Code of Student Conduct as well as the possible outcomes (sanctions).

If you are interested in serving as a board member or would like more information visit deanofstudents.wsu.edu/boards or contact Liz Peisner, 509‑335‑5757, elizabeth.peisner@wsu.edu.

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