Tree planted to honor WSU graduating seniors

The Washington State University Horticulture Club and the WSU Arboretum Committee will plant and dedicate a tree at 9:10 a.m. May 2 to honor WSU’s graduating seniors.

The planting of the tree will take place at the WSU Arboretum located east of Hulbert Hall and north of the Lewis Alumni Centre. WSU President V. Lane Rawlins will be present for the dedication, as well as appointed members of the WSU Arboretum Committee.

The tree chosen to honor this year’s graduates is a White Oak (Quercus alba), a large, deciduous tree that can reach up to 60 to 80 feet and that is as wide or wider than tall. Its fall foliage is purple-red, fairly showy and long-lasting.

The WSU Horticulture Club and former WSU President Sam Smith started the tree planting tradition in 1986. The trees were originally planted near the former entrance to campus between the president’s residence and Sloan Hall.

The trees are now planted at the arboretum, and the Arboretum Committee has named the south east corner of the arboretum as the Presidential Tree Area.

For more information, contact Horticulture Club President Christopher Hiles at (509) 335-9502or

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