Students pass stadium fees, elect ASWSU government

WSU students voted to help pay for the renovation of Martin Stadium Wednesday.

The $25 per semester fee was approved by the student vote and will go into effect starting fall semester 2006. The final tally was 3,937 votes to support the fee, or 64.4 percent of the voting population, and 2,153 votes against the fee, or 35.4 percent of the voting population.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the election and I would like to thank all of the students who voted, regardless if it was for or against the referendum,” said Jim Sterk, WSU athletic director. “It was very important to WSU Athletics that all students had the opportunity to give their voice on this matter. The result means that not only will our students’ game-day experience be enhanced but it will shine a positive light on the entire university, as all of campus will benefit from the passage of the referendum.”

Students also elected Zach Wurtz and Janeen Heath as president and vice president of the Associated Students of Washington State University.

Wurtz and Heath, who run with the motto: “Leaving the university better than we found it. Giving back… Moving forward,” received 32.2 per cent of the votes, a total of 2,135 votes.

Wurtz, who is a senior in communication with a minor in sociology and women’s studies, has served as the ASWSU District 10 senator, an Alive! counselor and as Butch the mascot. He is from Hanover, Pa.

Heath, a senior in communication and political science with a minor in French, is a Regent Scholar and also served as an Alive! counselor. She is from Kirkland, Wash.

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