WSU funding programs emphasize university research

The WSU Office of Research is providing research-related funding in response to the WSU Strategic Plan’s emphasis on enhancing university research. Three funding programs will allow researchers to branch out in their research ventures, including:

*The WSU Technology Gap Fund Program focuses on furthering the development of WSU innovations with commercial potential, but may need additional research or prototype development before acquiring licensing or a company start. The Office of Research, through the Office of Intellectual Property Administration, will be soliciting proposals for qualified projects. The pre-proposal deadline is Monday, Oct. 31. Solicitations may be accessed at

*The WSU Office of Research is also soliciting proposals for the Initiation of Collaboration Program, which will provide funding for interdisciplinary seminar series, retreats, or symposia. The application deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 1. Solicitations may be accessed at

*The Faculty Travel Grant Program provides travel funds to develop faculty research, scholarly and creative activities. Funds may be used for activities such as conducting collaborative research with prestigious labroaties, attendance at professional meetings, conducting data-gathering efforts, visiting limited-circulation archival reference materials, and more. The application deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 1. The announcement can be accessed at

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