Faculty/staff teaming up for exercise and health

Okay couch potatoes and computer jockeys — let’s have no more excuses about why you’re not exercising regularly, participating on an athletic team or generally keeping in shape.

Washington State University offers a wide variety of exercise and recreation programs for faculty and staff, not to mention access to some state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at affordable prices.

Last year, intramural sports sponsored leagues just for faculty and staff, but due to low participation, those have been discontinued.

“There are no special leagues for faculty and staff anymore, but employees are welcome to form or join teams,” said Ryan Lahne of Student Affairs. “We’re not sure why there were such low numbers, but it may have to do with (faculty/staff participation instead on) city teams.”

One of the most popular team sports played by faculty and staff seems to be softball, Lahne said. This may be because faculty and staff can more evenly compete with younger students because softball typically requires less stamina and is less demanding on the body than, for example, basketball or football, Lahne said.

Intramural sports at WSU offers 40 sports each semester.

“We offer badminton, soccer, football and everything in between,” said Lahne. Some popular sports pursued by faculty and staff are racquetball, tennis and basketball.

not all faculty and staff stick to the norms though. Scott Randall , assistant director of event and facility operations for WSU Athletics, enjoys intramural flag football.

“Many of us,” randall said of his team, “are former athletes, and we like to stay involved, reliving our past glory years!” he said.

Randall, who played on the WSU baseball team as a student, has been playing on a flag football team for the past seven or eight years. His team competes against student teams and last year won its division for the first time.

“We thought we were going to quit, but we are coming back again,” he said.Glen Ames , library specialist, participates in intramural volleyball and wishes more faculty and staff would join in.

“The university is like a community. Intramural sports are a great way to show your community spirit,” said ames. “It would be nice to see more participate.”

Along with intramural sports, faculty and staff may join the wellness program. For $100 a year, members may use the facilities at smith gym and some of the surrounding fitness centers.

“We get between 300 and 350 members a year,” said Cedric Price , director of PEACT (physical education activities) programs in the college of education. “The numbers have gone down quite a bit since the opening of the student recreation center, though.”

The most popular amenities offered through the faculty and staff wellness program are the weight room and basketball, Price said. “We also offer use of the indoor track when weather is bad,” he said.

In addition to the programs mentioned above, university recreation programs and services guides are available at the Student Recreation Center. These guides outline all activities available to faculty, staff, students and community members through the src, intramural sports and the outdoor recreation center.

For more information about the faculty and staff wellness program, call 335-1309.

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