Maria Gartstein, a Washington State University professor of psychology, explores how social-emotional development unfolds rapidly during infancy in a new episode of the Netflix documentary series Babies, airing this Friday, June 19.

The series follows 15 families from around the world through the first full year of their babies’ lives. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of a baby’s development and includes extensive interviews with early childhood development experts such as Gartstein.

In the new episode, titled Nature and Nurture, Gartstein will share some of her latest research examining how parent-child interactions help shape a baby’s emotions and behaviors. For example, she discusses how babies tend to display lower levels of fear at six months of age when their parents are good at picking up on their behavioral cues and responding accordingly.

Gartstein’s episode is one of six being released this Friday. The first part of the series initially aired in November 2019 and rose to number seven on Netflix’s list of most watched shows.

Check out a trailer for the series online: