Mad Science presents, “Don’t Try This at Home II: Newton’s Revenge,” the spectacular live stage show that explores the zany side of science today at 7 p.m .

Professor Pruvitt and Crash are back again as they continue to demystify the fundamental Laws of Motion by demonstrating the role physics plays in our everyday lives. With a little help from Sir Isaac Newton, Mad Scientists perform wacky experiments to investigate the principles of inertia, acceleration, actions and reactions.

Prepare to take cover as the scientists unveil their gravity-powered ping-pong ball launcher. Watch two teams of children use specially designed catapults to discover the power of Newton’s Third Law. The teams then go head-to-head in the slingshot challenge—where volunteers demonstrate all the Laws of Motion in one final scientific showdown.

The interactive experiments and hilarious antics in “Don’t Try This at Home II: Newton’s Revenge” are guaranteed to cause a big commotion about the science of motion.