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Media advisory: Daschle, Lott to discuss political reforms
September 17, 2015

SEATTLE – In a sense, early returns from the 2016 election are already in: Civility is losing to vitriol in a landslide. But two former U.S. Senate majority leaders – Republican Trent Lott of Mississippi and Democrat Tom Daschle of South Dakota – have been promoting a plan to restore civility to governing.

Silence follows union election
December 17, 2004

Neither the union nor the university had much to say following the third ratification vote regarding the proposed contract between the Washington Federation of State Employees and Washington State University.The election, held Dec. 1, 7 and 8, drew 730 participants — 56 percent of the 1,300 WSU classified staff represented by WFSE. Unlike the previous two elections, this one divided the participants by bargaining units. In addition, supervisors and administrative assistants also were split out.As a whole, classified staff voted 437-293 (or 59.9 percent) to reject the proposed contract. (Margin: 144 votes.)Results, as separated by bargaining unit, were as follows:Accepting the contract:• Bargaining Unit 1, … » More …