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From wolves to foxes to man’s best friend
July 2, 2013

PULLMAN, Wash. – When I get home from work I like to blow off a little bit of steam by playing with my dog, Buster Brown.

Buster came from the dog pound so I don’t know his full life history, but he’s about 10 years old. Despite his membership in the canine branch of the AARP, Buster still likes to play like a puppy. He’s a thoroughly domesticated dog, behaving in some ways like he’s 10 weeks old rather than 10 years old.

Breeding tameness in foxes

People have long speculated about how the ancestors of dogs – wolves – were coaxed into … » More …

The new guy tours the Hanford nuclear site
June 25, 2013

PULLMAN, Wash. – I’m never quite sure how to respond when the focus of the national media shines briefly on the region where I live – usually described as a “remote” part of the Pacific Northwest.


I grew up in eastern Washington state and have lived most of my adult life here, so it hardly seems remote to me. But when reporters from national media outlets make the trip to the region I call home, they invariably emphasize how far it is from parts of the country that are more populated.


Earlier this month national reporters repeated their old phrases when the new … » More …