Axing a lot of nuclear power plants

Energy is the lifeblood of modern economies and there’s no more amazingly useful form of energy than electricity. That’s why I initially was startled to read the recent news that the last of Japan’s 54 nuclear power plants has been shut down, a turn of events that makes Japan the first major economy of this century […]

Human tissue, data study eyes nuclear impact

  RICHLAND – Tucked away in a metal-sided warehouse at the Richland Airport, WSU researchers sift through years, even decades, of data files and human tissue samples in an attempt to track how previous nuclear workers were affected by plutonium, uranium and other nuclear-industry related elements.   The project is called “The United States Transuranium […]

Nuclear waste panel fails to address underlying mistrust

Rosa PULLMAN – A renewed federal effort to fix the nation’s stalled nuclear waste program is focusing so much on technological issues that it fails to address the public mistrust hampering storage and disposal efforts.   Writing in the latest issue of the journal Science, 16 researchers from around the country say a special White […]

Nuclear Renaissance topic of Friday seminar at Tri-Cities

RICHLAND — “Nuclear Renaissance at the WSU Nuclear Radiation Center: Teaching, Research and Isotope Production” is the topic of a nuclear engineering professional development seminar this Friday, April 10, at WSU Tri-Cities.   The hourlong seminar starts at 12:10 p.m. in Room 210 of the West Building, 2710 University Drive, Richland, and in Murrow 53 […]

Doctor to discuss medical radiation exposure

RICHLAND — Dr. Fred A. Mettler, one of the nation’s leading experts on medical management of radiation accidents, will speak Oct. 7.   Mettler will present a lecture on “Medical Radiation Exposure: The Largest (and Growing) Radiation Source in the U.S. — Should there be a Concern?”   Mettler will deliver the Herbert M. Parker […]