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Joshua Neumiller takes on national diabetes leadership role
February 6, 2018

By Lori Maricle, WSU College of Pharmacy,

SPOKANE, Wash. – Joshua Neumiller, professor of pharmacotherapy at Washington State University’s College of Pharmacy, has been named chair of the Professional Practice Committee for the American Diabetes Association. 

Assistant supports student learning
April 29, 2008

Office assistant ready to help handle changes in pharmacy department


Terri Rothwell is proud to represent one piece of the larger picture.


As an office assistant in pharmacotherapy at WSU Spokane, she supports students who are going to impact others, so


“through them, I’m able to help people.”


Rothwell, who has been with WSU four years, is one of two assistants who support the 28 faculty members and 197 third- and fourth-year pharmacy students in pharmacotherapy. Support includes anything from making copies to posting information to making lab handouts.

“Just about everything falls under our umbrella,” she … » More …

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria: Who is winning the battle?
January 7, 2005

Physicians and clinicians face an ongoing challenge: to keep up with increasingly stubborn, resistant bacteria that cause significant infections. The more exposure bacteria have to our available antibiotics, the higher their chances of evolution into a resistant form, with serious effects on medical care.The heavy use of antibiotics, from hand soap ingredients to prescriptions, for conditions that won’t even respond to an antibiotic is fostering the proliferation of these heavy-duty bugs. Over the past 10 years, the number of resistant bacteria has proliferated at an alarming rate.One mechanism of response is to reduce the overuse of antibiotics in general — something we can all help … » More …