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Magnuson to be honored with lifetime service award
March 23, 2017

PULLMAN, Wash. – Nancy Magnuson, emeritus professor in the School of Molecular Biosciences, will receive the Lane V. Rawlins President’s Award for Distinguished Lifetime Service during the annual Celebrating Excellence Recognition Banquet on Friday, March 31, part of Washington State University’s annual Showcase celebration of faculty, staff and student excellence.

DNA variation uncovered; may control gene activity
May 18, 2007

PULLMAN – Researchers at Washington State University have identified a new class of DNA sequence variation in gene promoter regions that could help control the activity of genes.The novel variations, dubbed “multiple nucleotide length polymorphisms,” or MNLPs, altered transcription of the genes they were associated with as much as 11-fold. The presence of such sequences could provide organisms with a way to modify their gene expression without altering the actual coding sequence of genes.“It’s a new feature in genome study,” said lead author Zhihua Jiang, assistant professor in the Department of Animal Sciences. “Obviously it makes our genome more complicated in terms of function, and … » More …