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WSU engineering student wins national manufacturing competition
January 19, 2018

By Erik Gomez, intern, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

PULLMAN, Wash – Christian Ziruk, a mechanical engineering senior in the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, recently earned first place in the Mastercam Wildest Parts Competition.

WSU seniors tip scales for Boeing manufacturing
June 3, 2002

If you#re The Boeing Company, trying to build a plane to exact specifications, a thick layer of paint can be a big pain in the neck.Due to detailed specifications, a few extra paint strokes can cause the weight of a component to exceed its weight limit, which means workers have to dismantle the components, remove the paint, and redo it. The process takes days of extra work, costing the company plenty of time and money. Furthermore, dismantling components from the completed plane also creates the potential for breaking expensive parts. Currently, there is not an effective method of measuring very thin layers of paint on … » More …