Science progresses when it’s a ‘playground of inquiry’

PULLMAN, Wash. – “Knowledge is a big subject. Ignorance is bigger. And it is more interesting.” So begins Stuart Firestein’s book, “Ignorance: How It Drives Science.” Part of the core message in the book about how science should work is wrapped up in a brief story about a physicist named Isidor Isaac Rabi. When Rabi […]

Police collecting information on apartment fire

PULLMAN, Wash. – Local law enforcement officials are continuing to investigate and collect information on the Sunday, July 14, fire that destroyed four buildings under construction in the Grove apartment complex on Terre View Drive.   “The cause of the fire remains suspicious” and the investigation is ongoing, said Steve Hansen, assistant director, WSU Police Department.    Anyone with […]

Reporting party in Aug. 19 assault recants story

PULLMAN – The reporting party in the assault alleged to have occurred on Aug. 19 on Glenn Terrell Mall near Library Road has recanted her story to WSU Police. As reported earlier, the assault alleged to have occurred on the evening of Aug. 24 also has been recanted. Police officials are continuing to investigate the […]

Incendiary devices ignited at WSU Veterinary College

What appears to be two small incendiary devices were ignited early Wednesday, Sept. 24, on a concrete driveway leading into Wegner Hall at Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. No injuries or damages resulted. The devices appeared to have been placed, rather than thrown, in a specific location so as to not cause damages. […]