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New law: Insurers must treat pharmacists as other providers
May 12, 2015


By Lori Maricle, College of Pharmacy

SPOKANE, Wash – The Washington State University College of Pharmacy celebrated Monday as Gov. Jay Inslee signed a law requiring health insurance carriers to recognize pharmacists in the same way as other providers such as physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Update benefits with changes in family
October 6, 2008

If you’ve had a recent change in your family, your insurance and retirement benefits might need alteration as well.


Marriage, divorce, new children and children no longer eligible for coverage could make an adjustment timely.


To add new eligible dependents, you must send a completed Employee Enrollment/Change form and appropriate dependent certification form(s), if required, within 60 days to Human Resource Services. Social Security numbers will be needed; however, HRS is able to add dependents initially without the number, so don’t delay.


When deleting coverage on a dependent no longer eligible, the 60-day deadline is not as crucial; however, you may be … » More …

Extending insurance to children in college
April 27, 2007

Employees with children due to graduate or going off to college in the fall may want to assess the medical/dental coverage of these dependents under WSU’s insurance plans.Dependent children are eligible to continue coverage under the employee plans through age 19. A dependent age 20-23 is eligible to continue coverage if he or she is registered as a student and attends classes at an accredited qualifying school. Dependent student coverage continues year-round for students who attend three of the four school quarters or two of the three school semesters. Coverage continues for three months after graduation as long as the employee is covered at the … » More …

Car crashes up for state workers
February 7, 2007

The number of car accidents involving state employees on duty spiked last year, records show, prompting a phaseout of some vans and efforts to get drivers to stay focused on the road. WSU made that list with 28 accidents in 2006.There were 361 incidents last year – 86 more than in 2005, records show. Crashes involving state workers have cost taxpayers more than $13 million since 2000, records show. For the full article, go to The Olympian at

Medical insurance plans don’t cover everything
February 2, 2007

WSU employees have various medical plans available to choose from, but plan subscribers may be surprised by some of the services that are not covered.The state requires that medical insurance providers cover some aspects of care. Certain procedures, such as prostate cancer screening and mammograms, are required to be covered if recommended by a physician, according to the Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 41.05. To learn more about coverage requirements in Washington, visit ONLINE @ But other coverage is at the discretion of the insurance provider, according to the Washington State Legislature website. For example, there are more than 20 exclusions — items … » More …

Benefits staff changes, service still emphasized
September 16, 2005

Keeping track of your employee benefits is important. Helping you do that is the WSU Benefits Services office. Benefits Services administers employee benefits including medical and dental insurance, life insurance, long-term disability insurance and retirement savings programs. Personnel can offer solutions and information to customers needing assistance with a wide variety of benefit-related topics.The Benefits Services staff has changed over the last year. The four staff members are available 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday-Friday. The office is open during the noon hour. Contacts include:Marie Weiss, benefit specialist – retirement,, 335-4580, manages the retirement programs (TIAA-CREF and PERS), including the two supplemental retirement accounts. She also … » More …

Healthy choices save you money
April 8, 2005

As the cost of health care continues to increase, health insurance coverage is placing more emphasis on preventive health care. “Some of the highest health costs in both financial and human terms are caused by diseases, such as heart disease and cancer,” according to a 2005 study report, “Workplace Visions,” by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). “Some studies link these diseases to related conditions such as smoking and obesity.” But managing obesity or tobacco, alcohol and substance use can be more difficult for some employees than saving for retirement. Help to ease stressEmployers and health insurers employ a number of strategies to encourage … » More …

Group Health seeks candidates
March 18, 2005

One of WSU’s health insurance providers, Group Health, is seeking candidates for its 11-member board of trustees. Four positions are open for membership election this fall. The deadline to apply is Friday, April 22. The board oversees financial, quality and policy decisions. Trustees serve a three-year term and receive $6,000 per year. For more information, or to request an application, call toll free 888-901-4636 and ask to be transferred to the Seattle number. Board members must receive care at Group Health, must not be an employee of Group Health and must be a Group Health voting member. Becoming a voting member is free and can … » More …